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aquazzura & elle spain – keyword: FUN

"It was so much fun. Just a day with friends, having lunch and taking pictures"

An incredible mixture of all our favorite things: Elle, Aquazzura, Capri and Alex. The special Elle Living edition gives a sneak peek into the iconic brand by Edgardo Osorio and the best spots of the island with the help of Alex. 

Aquazzura was first launched in 2012, with a strong vision and its astonishing popularity, it has quickly become an iconic shoe brand and wardrobe must have.
It was founded on the particular attention of comfort and elegance which remains a distinctive element of the brand. A balance between tradition and innovation. Aquazzura is loved by Alex for always being "really fun, feminine, and also very sexy".

Edgardo Osorio, the founder and creative
designer of Aquazzura, was recognized at
an early age for his distinctive talent.
Debuting as shoes and accessories designer
for Salvatore Ferragamo and later as head
of shoes at Roberto Cavalli.
When asked about Edgardo, Alex describes
him as truly loving and kind, “he’s really
fun, genuine and the best dancer”. There is
never a dull moment with Edgardo as he is
often the party host of fabulous get

capri c'est PAS fini

This magical island has remained over the years a place of glamour, nature, passion and history.
The shoot took place in Capri as it holds great memories for Edgardo and Alex, having spent some wonderful summer days there together.
It is also the place that first inspired the creation of Aquazzura and the sea from which its brand name was given.
AR: "Capri was my first summer vacation with my fiancée Christian, so I really love being there (you can mention that as long as it doesn't sound too cheesy hahaha)"

"I use to cut out the pages and collect them before pinterest was invented"

Elle Spain is one the publications that Alex grew up with and that holds a special place in her heart. Everyone on set were friends, nothing too orchestrated, it felt very natural and easygoing.


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