Lady Like by Chiara Renis


For its debut the brand presents TIMELESS. The Collection is a hymn to pure excellence and sophistication, an homage to the noblest fabric, silk, exclusively supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers of Italian silk, and to the finest cotton, produced by a leader in the manufacturing of Italian shirting textiles.

With one foot in the tradition and the other one in the future, the brand showcases a collection which is the quintessence of elegance: an effortless chic, sober, and flawless style, with impeccable silhouettes featuring a game of light and shadows, where the concept of “contrasts” is the leitmotif, subtly balancing the texture and refracting glow of the fabrics, while adding a touch of contemporariness to a timeless aesthetic.


Inspired by spectacular views of the Australian sky and ocean, by dramatic hues of blue, by dazzling stretches of white sand, by a sense of freedom and a strong bond with nature that are the distinctive traits of a country glowing under the Southern Cross constellation, OUT OF THE BLUE captures the essence of the Australian soul through the eyes and sensitivity of an Italian-born designer who passionately advocates the purest Made in Italy as the most authentic expression of quality and excellence.


Photography by Jordi Roca

Hair by Anara by Ana Lérida 


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