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“The beauty of a journey often lies in the way we come home changed. A new awareness or a surprising inspiration can change the course of life.”

What turned a fireman’s jacket into a status symbol on the way from New York to Milan?
This was in the ‘80s. Andrea Della Valle, managing director and vice chairman of Tod’s Spa was in New York, where a friend showed him some fireman jackets by the E.A. Fay brand

Intuition immediately told him that those decidedly outdoor garments with their workwear attitude could be turned into something better. The brand was acquired by the Italian group and the Maine fireman’s jacket became an icon. Which has now returned stronger

A garment with character, the fascination for what comes from the United States and the design of the “4 hooks” did the rest. The phenomenon took off in Milan and reached all over Italy. It was a status symbol for going to La Scala in, or to the office.

But here’s the key factor: it was a garment with a history of its own that would belong into a lifestyle, a coat to hand down through the generations.

The uniform of a generation characterized by the movement, speed, advanced technology and connective energy of the new global rhythm. A generation who needs more motivation than aesthetics to purchase a new must have for their closet.

Clothes that can express ease and elegance, quality and nonchalance at the same time.

“Casual yet impeccable.”



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