Isola di Capri

Like a set from a movie, Capri draws you in with its beauty and style: rocky cliffs, olive and lemon trees, whitewashed villas and impossibly blue seas. The original Italian island retreat, Capri has been a favoured holiday spot since Roman times. It is, after all, the former home of Emperor Tiberius.
Here are some of my absolute island favorites for enjoying la dolce vita on Capri.

I love La Scalinatella (Via Tragara), the name means “little stairway”, and it’s a fitting reflection of its charming terraced setting.
Punta Tragara most unique view to Faraglioni
Grand Hotel Qvisisana, the most emblematic

La Fontelina, the most popular beach club set by Faraglioni rocks. It’s quite the scene and makes for fun people watching.
Il Riccio Beach Club and Restaurant is a must experience, located in Anacapri, home to the Capri Palace Hotel, sits majestically above the village of Capri on Monte Cappello, some 500 metres above the sea level. Go here to experience the amazing lidos, or to visit Villa San Michele. The chairlift from Anacapri up to Monte Solaro takes 12 minutes and provides you with breathtaking views of the island.

Aurora, Other than the piazza, is the heart of the Capri social scene—you never know who you might see there.

Quissisana Terrace, below the emblematic hotel Quissisiana, is the must stop over just as much as the emblematic Piazzetta.

Easy and authentic, for coffee or breakfast, Bar Tiberio at Piazzeta.

Lo Scoglio da Tommaso, if you have the chance to go by a boat trip.

While many think of Capri as sunbathing on the rocks at stylish beach clubs, shopping, and hitting the town like Jackie O after the sun sets, Capri is also renowned for stunning nature walks. My favourite walk is the one to Villa Jovis, a stunning villa built as a residence by the Roman Emperor Tiberius—the views across the Tyrrhenian blue waters will take your breath away.
Another must see is the hike to Casa Malaparte, provably my favorite house in the world.

Boat day through Faraglioni to discover the coast and grottos.

Can’t miss ice-cream at Buonocuore, provably the best you will ever have.

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