Beauty 27.04.2020
The Everyday Make Up Look For (Very Busy) Women


Modern women—in all of their multi-tasking, packed-schedule glory, don’t always have the time to do an elaborate make up, or just something that need a lot of touch up.

So why not make the radiance and warmth of summer a year-round thing?

Regardless if it's summer or not, I want to feel glowy and sun-kissed.
This look really does suit everyone. In a word? Golden.

It's all about the glow, and each step adds its own version.

Something very personal, and when you find the one, you refuse to change. And that is exactly what happened to me. Dior Forever Cushion (030) has become my imprescindible. Light, soft, improves imperfections but keeps your natural glow and allows your skin to breathe.

New discovery and the very best I’ve used up to date is Dior Forever Skin Correct (1N), corrects every imperfection, from dark eyes to any skin mark.

Tip: Use it as a concealer on the first layer, and add an extra layer as highlighter.

The Dior Backstage Contour Palette has a spectrum of hues to shade different areas of the face accurately, like the nose which gets the lighter colors, while the cheekbones are carved out using deeper shades.
Golden Peach provided additional radiance along the cheekbones,

For the eyes, we want the maximum effect in the minimum time.
Dior Iconic mascara will bring up the XXL eyelashes you want without having to add extensions. Just add layer over layer, and it will accompany you all day long without any touch-up.

We finished with a lip color close to my natural one, with Dior Lip Glow Balm, but to give that extra half-an-inch we added a hint of Lip Maximizer on top, for extra hydration and volume-effect.